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致ManBetx体育登陆水泥境外员工及家属的一封信A Letter to Sinoma Cement’s Overseas Staff and Family Members

2020-04-28 17:00:15 作者:办公室 来源:ManBetx体育登陆水泥有限责任公司
Wish all overseas staff and family members healthy and safe!


Sinoma Cement’s overseas staff and family members:



The year 2020 will be remembered by history because of the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia pandemic (COVID-19), which has brought great difficulties and challenges to our life and work. Under the strong leadership of the Chinese government, people throughout the country are united and concentrate every efforts in the prevention and control of the domestic pandemic, which has led to phased results. China is accelerating its economic and social recovery and our company has brought its production and operation back on track.


COVID-19 is spreading across the globe, and the African region you are current at also in a very tough position to fight the Cov-19 pandemic. After learning of the outbreak, the overseas company took strong measures, and all staff made concerted efforts, to control the pandemic while maintaining normal production and operation. We are deeply moved by your persistent effort and insistence. So far away from the motherland and relatives, you still remain true to the aspiration and stick to your post. You are all devote to the Belt and Road Initiative, vividly interpreting the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind and demonstrating how Chinese people are courageous in taking responsibility. On the eve of the May 1 International Labor Day, on behalf of Sinoma Cement, we would like to express our sincere whishes to you and our heartfelt thanks to your family members who have been supporting you.


Our company prioritizes life and safety. You are always our company's most valuable asset, and your health and safety are always the concerns of all the colleagues. Despite thousands of miles apart, our hearts are always closely connected. With the care and support of CNBM and in accordance with its deployment, we have formulated a rigorous and thorough emergency plan for the overseas pandemic prevention and control. In the plan, the principle of “hierarchic management and precise policy implementation”is established, which means corresponding countermeasures will be taken according to the development of the pandemic situation . In case of any extreme situations, we will put the life, health and safety of each of you in the first place.


With the solidarity and mutual help, Sinoma Cement will always be have your back. Let’s stand together through storm and stress, and walk ahead in hand. For your pandemic prevention, we will overcome every difficulty and make every effort to be your material and mental support, share latest and effective experience, and quickly convey the care and love the motherland, relatives and friends. Moreover, we hope that you can strengthen your confidence, prevent and control the pandemic scientifically, and work at ease, thus building a solid defense line for overseas pandemic control, and withstanding the severe challenge in the future.


Connecting our hands and hearts, there is no mountain beyond climbing; standing jointly together, there is no barrier that cannot be crossed. Let's respond scientifically and effectively to pandemic prevention, unite our efforts to win the battle against the pandemic prevention, and embrace an ever brighter future!


Wish all overseas staff and family members healthy and safe!


                         隋玉民  满高鹏  李胜泰

Sui Yumin, Man Gaopeng, Li Shengtai 


                            April 28th,2020